Adalta Real Residential specialise in the delivery of both brownfield and greenfield sites for residential development. The team combines its wide-ranging experience to offer property owners and developers consultancy and agency services to ensure the maximisation of their site’s physical and financial potential.

The team covers the South of England, undertaking both the disposal and acquisition of residential development sites for a wide range of property owners and developers.
We have created a bespoke Residential website upon which sites we’re marketing can be found and new sites can be introduced to our team. Click here to be directed to the Adalta Real Residential site.


Residential Land Promotion

Our in-house development team specialises in residential strategic land promotion i.e. land that has a prospect of being successfully taken through the planning process for residential development.

We use our market knowledge to identify areas where demand exists for housing development and then select suitable sites, which we feel have a genuine prospect of obtaining a satisfactory planning consent.

Potential sites are identified and agreements are entered into with landowners. Our In-house team then works to promote the site through the planning process by pulling in specialist consultants from all the necessary disciplines including (but not limited to) Ecologists as well as Planning / Highways and PR Consultants. Our approach is to work closely with, and in partnership with the landowner. We use our skills in site promotion to secure allocations and then satisfactory planning permissions.

Adalta Real will not develop the land once planning permission is gained; more often than not it is advantageous to sell the land in the open market with a planning consent in place. Adalta Real has strong connections with many specialist large-scale investors, housing developers and other entities that could subsequently develop the land.

In taking this route, the value obtained for the landowners land is generally higher than via the traditional route of the landowner reaching an agreement with the developer at day one. This means that we as the promoter and the landowner have the same goal, which is maximising the land price for its eventual onward sale.

The approach we take is based on creating and retaining a strong relationship with our landowner partners throughout the whole process, it seeks to obtain permission on land we promote in the in the shortest possible time without the need to resort to planning appeals.